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01.14.14 / News

Nashville Sessions

Looking forward to a week of writing sessions with some amazing writers, including the legendary Jodi Marr for upcoming singles 2014. Also some new video shoots with the renowned uilleann piper from Belfast Eamonn Dillon. uilleann pipes


01.09.14 / News

Rewire Session 4

Another acoustic cover of a Gordie Sampson Song for rewire sessions. One of my favorite songs and artists. produced by limbo and Live Audio recorded by the legendary Tony O’ Flaherty at in killarney. Co. Kerry


01.09.14 / News

Rewire Session 3

Delighted to do a new video featuring a cover of kings of leon song, featuring Davie Ryan and Eoghan O’ Reagan for Rewire Sessions. produced by limbo &  Live audio recorded by


01.09.14 / News

Rewire Session 2

Just filmed another live acoustic vid of a Rihanna cover for the new acoustic series rewire. Can’t wait for people to check it out!




01.08.14 / News

Rewire Sessions Day 1

Just shot 2 new live acoustic videos along with Eoghan O’ Reagan on guitar
as part of a new acoustic series  “Rewire” Stay tuned lots of new video content coming soon.
produced by Limbo  productions an



05.08.13 / News

360 Degrees Single Video Shoot DAY 3 FINAL SCENES

Shooting the final scenes,  The video shoot is complete. Success. thanks to kieran, robert, Gill, Jerome,Davie, Miki, and all the lovely ladies. Stay tuned. 360 video coming at you soon.


05.08.13 / News

360 Degrees Single Video Shoot Day 3

Day 3 Now its time to shoot the band shredding and rocking out. Lots of lights, stage diving, coffee drinking, and shredding. Were having way too much fun,for there not too be a crowd watching and listening.  Kieran fitzgerald, from Maglan media productions is getting some really amazing shots.


05.08.13 / News

360 Degrees Single Video Shoot Day 2

Day 2 A really fun summer shoot.  Girls on on bicycles. Then we head off 2 the nightclub where we shoot a few more scenes on the dance floor and and bar. This is way too much fun!. Its such a blast.




05.08.13 / News

360 Degrees Single Video Shoot

So here we go!! Day 1 of making the video for my new single 360 directed by Maglan Media Productions.. 5 locations, juggler, flame thrower,and dancing ladies, and a rocking band, what more could want? Stay tuned


04.01.13 / News

So excited to Start work on new album, bring it on!

with Multi Grammy Songwriters / producers Jodi Marr & George Noriega, at Cutting Cane Studios Miami.So honored to be working
with these Genius’s. I’m really in the company of greatness. Both have won many grammys and worked with giants such as Shakira,Ricky Martin,Jenifer Lopez, Carol King and too many more to mention. So pumped. Wahoo!!!


04.01.13 / News

DRUMS, DRUMS and more drums..

Began tracking Bodhran ( Irish Frame Drum) ,other ethnic percussion and kit on some of the new tracks.  The new songs are definitely based around strong world rhythmic influences. Its really making the album something special. Can’t wait for everyone to hear. “Do I hear more cowbell” 



04.01.13 / News

Axe, Shreadin today!!

Laying it down in the cutting cane y’all.
tracking acoustics and electrics for new songs. Some really amazing vintage axes here. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Don’t want to leave this place. I ‘m in guitar and vintage amp heaven. OH YA


04.01.13 / News

Loads of fancy knobs,

and cool looking vintage gear. Vintage compressors and limiters, and things with loads of cool looking lights and buttons. Some of the stuff  looks the control deck of Star Trek Enterprise. Seriously unreal clean sounding gear, so lucky to be able to use this amazing kit and studio. reverb & delay is my friend oh ya


04.01.13 / News

hard working day at cutting cane studios,with the best

engineer ever Joe Vilici. What a pro!! Making me sound like hendrix, with too much coffee. Big guitar sounds coming at ya. Joe is one of top new young engineers to keep an eye out for. He’s worked with some of the biggest artists in the industry and happens to be  seriously talented,patient and musical What more could ya want.


04.01.13 / News

So Honored to be working

with the 2 of the best award winning songwriters and producers on the planet, Jim Cammacho and Jodi Marr at cutting cane miami.  These new songs are really special.!! Can’t wait to unleash them to the world


04.01.13 / News

Working in the cane with grammy producer and songwriter

George Noriega. Working on amazing new song 360. George is  producing the vocals on this track along with genius songwriter / producer  Jodi Marr. Loving every minute of it


04.01.13 / News

Recording Drums, The foundation of it all.

2 of the heaviest studio players today.
Davide Giovaninni from Italy ( Paul Mc Cartney, Biork, Lisa Stansfield, Steve Winwood) And Greg Clark Jr, from D.C. U.S.A, ( Snarky Puppy, Rahsaan Patterson, Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance). They are really making these tracks sound killing

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04.01.13 / News

Tracking Guitars London, and Cotswold, ( steve winwoods house studio yahoo)

today with Studio Demon
Richard Rozze from London. Catch him playing late nights in Ronnie scotts Soho.
burning solos and harmonic magic. Vintage valve amps shredding galore. bring it on!!


04.01.13 / News

move over marcus miller & pino paladino

Claire Finlay aka. LADY B. laying down serious PHAT, pumping bass tracks, recorded in escobar studios Boston. One the best and underrated bassists on the planet, this lady has a serious pocket, no joke. Killer sounds. check her out


04.01.13 / News

So honored that Bass Legend Laurence Cottle

is playing on 3 tracks. recorded in London.This man needs no introduction played with jaco pastorius, black sabbath, lapton, seal and too many more to mention. THIS guy is a total monster. no words can describe.His playing on these songs is, UNREAL….thanks so much Laurence


04.01.13 / News

for next 3 days

I have the great honor of recording in LEGEND.. Steve Winwoods Studio Wincraft studios. in cotswold England with award winning engineer producer James Towler and Paul Booth. recording, on steves organ, piano.. Its amazing here.
These guys are bringing these tracks to another Level Whaoooo!!


04.01.13 / News

In the hands of the pros.

Award winning mixer & producer James Towler ( Steve Winwood + Eric Clapton and many more)
He definitely knows how to push all the magic buttons!! Quincy Jones watch out. The genius Paul booth assists on the Pro Tools rig.. Starting to sound like music!!


04.01.13 / News


recording on STEVE WINWOODS antique B3, with legendary multi-instrumentalist, producer + arranger Paul Booth. honored to be in such amazing company thanks booth!


04.01.13 / News

VOCALS vocals vocals,

Today recorded in the basement of the world famous “Ronnie Scotts” London Soho. Tracked Legendary vocalists Natalie Williams.. & Aine Whelan on Song Rome. Nats Vocals on the song 360, giving me the chills. Thank you so much ladies.


04.01.13 / News

Back in HIT- Factory Sonas Recording studios, In breathtaking mountain range Glenflesk, Killarney.With multiplatinum Producer, multi instrumentalist, Tony Flaherty. ( check the beautiful pair of 414s) A lot of the album has been recorded here.Thanks sooo much to tony ( QUINCY) for amazing ears, guidance, patience and loads of toasted sandwiches STRINGS WAHOO just tracked Strings on Never 2 late, with arranger producer. Karl Nesbitt. recorded in Donncha Moynihan’s Studio, The Rise, Cork, with Thomas Crowley- Violin Holly Mc Connell- Violin. Sounding Mega.. Bring it on


04.01.13 / News

Today Tracking in L.A. with Willy B

Seriously one of the baddest…players out there today. Serious mutha. Willy Beaman.
( Kelly Rowland, Niki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Cody sampson, and many more.
What an amazing sound he has. Really bringing these tracks to another level. check him out currently on tour with demi lovato. thanks so much willy for playin on these tracks. Killin


04.01.13 / News

Let the games begin…. MIXING Final tracks YAHOOO

This is where everything changes.. I seriously have a dream team of mixers. Pinching myself. Multi Grammy Winning mixer producer, Brent Kolatalo, NYC ( Kanye West, Eminem, Janet Jackson, Mario) These songs are sounding unbelievable Yahooo.. and what next, But Legendary Grammy winning mixer Charles Dye, Miami ( Ricki Martin, lauryn Hill, Shakira, Aerosmith, Bonjovi, many more… I think his mix of song my song 360, is unreal..  Thanks Guys


04.01.13 / News

Last minute horn section recordings

for the songs Rome & Yes, with legend Paul Booth in NYC.
Serious RnB Dangelo vibe.. sounding HEAVY…
seriously pimpin

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04.01.13 / News

Mixing part 2. The uk Sessions.

starting at Steve Winwoods studios Cotswold,Uk. With Award Winning mixer James Towler. This man has a serious golden touch. WOW. sounding amazing. So honored to be working with such an amazing mixer, producer. thanks JT. ” It’s On like Donkey Kong”

and next up.. I’m tot pumped to have the honor of the LEGEND, stings producer Kipper Eldridge Mix 3 songs at his studio in Surrey. He was produced 3 of stings albums, worked with, Stevie wonder, James Taylor, Mary J Blige, and many more. These mixes are UNREAL. can’t wait for everyone to hear. Thanks so much Kip for your dedication. Wahoo. Nearly there with album.


04.01.13 / News

MASTERING Yahoo. can’t believe done.

I’m here with genius James Towler, and world renowned mastering engineer, from Island records John Dent @ Loud mastering U.K.
This guy has worked with everyone. Police, Bob Marley, Queen, way too many to mention.
Mastering onto tape and using valve compression. mastering in stems. Can’t believe my ears… It sounds amazing. SO EXCITED. YAHOOO.
What a journey this album has been,. Can’t wait for the world to hear this.Thanks to everyone.
who’s been involved and helped me on the way, Tony, Jodi, George, Paul, James, Jim, Kipper, Lady b, charles, Brent, Richie, Laurence, Davide, Greg, WillyB, Joe, karl,Donnacha, and natalie