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“Sounding Like a young Sting / Van Morrison”– Time Out London

Meet Brian Hanlon a renowned artist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist making bigwaves in the music industry. Born in Boston, He later emigrated to his family’s native Cork City Ireland where he developed his unique style of guitar playing and songwriting. His well known golden smokey vocals, soulful and heartfelt lyrics have touched the hearts of audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.  

Growing up in a musical family his parents, John and Una Hanlon exposed and him to a rich tapestry of Folk, Irish, World, and Jazz music at a young age at there Irish pub and live music venue in Boston.  He has since carved a unique path through the world of music, blending his Irish heritage with contemporary American influences to create a sound that is both timeless and innovative. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, he is in high demand as a session multi-instrumentalist and writer with award winning artists writers and producers.

Throughout his career, Brian has had the honor of collaborating with a diverse array of legendary musicians and artists, producers, songwriters including  such icons as Jodi Marr, Desmond Child, Tony Flaherty, Paul Booth, George Noriega, Kipper Eldridge, Michael Pollack, David Huff, Adam Argyle, Bernie Herms, Johnny Reid , Steve Winwood,  Michael Flatley, Atli Orvarsson, Dan Warner and many more. Some of his previous live performances. include historic venues such as the. Grand Ole Opry, Massey Hall, The Concertgebouw, Dranouter Fest,  Berklee Performance Center, Cork Jazz Festival, and many more. His work has also been featured in numerous recordings, Major films, Musicals, and television shows

His music is an upbeat blend of Acoustic Pop & RnB, featuring his distinctly soulful vocals and rhythmic guitar playing.  Mixing modern pop with carefully crafted songwriting, his sound is reminiscent of Sting, Ed Sheeran, The script, and John Mayer. His soon-to-be-released Singles were recorded in London, Nashville, and Ireland, along with an all-star cast of Grammy-winning artists, hit songwriters, and producers. Marked as a serious new artist to watch by U.K. press, keep your ears open for his debut singles due out later this year.

“He is an artist that has to be heard by everyone”

For me he is an Irish Dave Matthews with soul.” 

– Kipper Eldridge,
Grammy & Emmy winning  songwriter 

and producer for Sting, Mary J Blige, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder.


Mayer-esque golden smoky vocals with unique pop sensibility.  Every song
hits you in the heart! “ 

– Jodi Marr ( Multi Grammy Award Winning Songwriter / Producer )


“Sounding Like a
young Sting / Van Morrison”

– Time Out London


Amazing Voice…”

– Charlie Wilson, musical
director for Rihanna,

John Mayer, Justin Timberlake,
Backstreet Boys

“His music is a
genre-bending journey
through his Irish roots”

Marr Music Publishing Nashville

“Instantly recognizable and unique. I was hooked immediately”

– Extenso Music Uk

“Dope as hell!!”  

– Brent Paschke, Producer,

guitarist for Pharell,
Neyo, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson


“Zero Hype – Brian Hanlon is

without a doubt the best new artist I’ve mixed in the last
three years.” 

 – Charles Dye, Grammy-winning mixer for the likes of Enrique Iglesias , Bon Jovi, Shakira, Jenifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan.


“I absolutely love his original
voice, fresh arrangements, 
and infectious songwriting.
Brian brings a much needed authenticity to pop music.
Thank you!” 

 – Mix It Like A Record, Miami“


“A modern version of The Police. Seriously catchy songs!” 

– Brent Kolatalo, NYC 6 time Grammy Award winning mix engineer & producer Eminem, Bruno Mars, Akon, Janet Jackson.


“As a co-writer and producer, he brings that extra something rhythmically lyrically and melodically that is unique to him, yet somehow brings out the essence of whoever
he’s working with”

Lazy Jo Music Publishing Nashville

Artists / Producers / Writers  Brian Has worked with

Jodi Marr • Desmond Child • Michael Pollack • George Noriega • Tony Flaherty • David Huff • Adam Argyle • Bernie Herms • Johnny Reid • Paul Booth • Steve Winwood • Patrick Droney • Mark Holman • Todd Wright  • Kipper Eldridge • Atli Orvarsson • Kris Bergsnes • Arielle • Sammy Ariaga • Caeland Garner • Dan Warner • Fernando Osario • Mike Snider• Frida Guzman • Cris Zalles • Melody Federer • Lisa Goe • Irwin Sparks • Aaron Fishbein • Tyler Caine • Jamie Kent • Jim Camacho • Ben Jones • Cesar Lemos  • Juan Carlos Perez Soto • Brandon Bell  • Brent Kolotalo • Rian Ball • James Towler • John Dent • Jonathan Roye • Justin Cortelyou • Dylan Dresdow  • Glass tiger • Michael Janisch • Ryan Quigley • Nigel Hitchcock • Laurence Cottyle • Ian Thomas • Joe Cleveland • Yusaku Yoshimura • Guy Rickarby • Paul Frost • Davide Giovannini • Tristan Banks • Pat Bergenson • Rob McNelly • Dave Row • Pete Abbot • Willy Beaman • Claire Finlay • Will Edwards • Maureen Murphy • Richard Rozze • Jerry Mcpherson • Steve Brewster • Michael Spriggs • Eamonn and Roisin Dillon • Carel Kraayenhof • Paul Whitford • Jason Webb • Mark Prentice • Michael Whittaker • Tristan Banks • David Lyttle • Mike Snider • Greg Clark jr • Arielle • Paul Jennings • Dave Collins • Randy Merrill • Ross Stanley • Andrew Bain • Phil Robson • Michael Londra • Carel Kraayenhof • Rod Quinn • Danny Bert • Michael Spriggs • Diane Ward • Elston Tores • Sophie Aykroyd • Olgui Chirino • Jamie Petrie •  Rizzi Meyers • Fred Koehler •  Diane Ward • Kelly Mcgrath • Dominique Ruiz • Luke Olson • Bryce Drew • Jonathan Whiskered • Brooke Lawrence • Sara Packiam • Cassandra DiFruscio • Liz Kate • Amy Wilcox • Cassie Cattie • Katie Mac • Kristen Simone • Molly Bowers • Karl Nesbitt • Eoghan Neff • Michael Flatley • Flathri Neff • Connor Sullivan • Mick McCauley • Aoife Clancy • Winifred Horan • Hanneke Cassell. • Casey Driessen • Tommy & Louise McCarthy  • Aoife Clancy • Larry Nugent • Karl Nesbitt • 


Past Performances include

Grand Ole Opry (Nashville) • Berklee Performance Center ( Boston)
• 606 club ( London)  • Charlie Wrights (London) • Red Room (Boston) •
Eighth Room (Nashville)  • Massey Hall (Toronto Canada) • The Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) • Theatre Royale (Ireland) • London Express Jazz Club ( London) • Dranouter Festival (Belgium) • Cork Opera House (Ireland) • Festival Interceltique de Lorient ( France) • The Royal Theater ( Ireland) • Nasa Live / astronaut Danni Tanni  (Worldwide) 


Studios Brian has worked in

Blackbird Studios (Nashville)  •  Sphere Studios (London) • Dark Horse Studios (Nashville)   Soultrain Studios (Nashville)  • Studio Forty Fifteen (Nashville) • British Grove Studios (London)  • Wincraft studios (UK) • Cutting Cane Studios (Miami) • Sonas Studios ( Ireland) • Hutton Analog Studios (Nashville) • Welcome to 1979 Studios (Nashville) • Catch This Music Studios (Nashville),,Avergae Joe Studios ( Nashville )


Proudly Endorsed by

Fishman Electronics • Elite Acoustics • Labella Strings • LR Baggs
• Vanguard Audio • Lowden • Levoria Guitars • ˚K&K Electronics • Godin

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